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Next Opening: Undecided


Event 3 Show Ya Moves!
Due Date: August 3rd

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*In the Submission Department*

As of recently, we have two memes for you all to fill out to your hearts content!:

PKMN-CL Shipping Meme, by Terastrial-Sprout
PKMN-CL Shipping meme by Terastrial-Sprout
The Color Me Impressed Meme, by tridentdragion
Color Me Impressed Meme by tridentdragion

*Featured Deviation*

Initiate the Shading, Blend the Universe Together, by Distorted-Reality
Initiate the Shading, Blend the Universe Together by TheMunstacat

*In the Group Role Playing Department*



After getting his proposal rejected by Amy, beat up and his ear torn off by said ex girlfriend, Allo and Otto in the factory, Tsuna arrived a little ways off the college campus with one thing in mind; complete destruction of the lyoko warriors. As X.A.N.A.'s self proclaimed pawn, he engaged many of the students, Jayden was almost knocked out and David was trapped in Lyoko a short time via Tsuna's portal to the digital world from his phone. Unknown to Marlow who was taking care of a very drunk Hopper, she was about to fight for her life. Otto tried to stop the mad Jolteon while others aided Jayden and went to the factory to see if it was some kind of X.A.N.A. attack. Tsuna got the two Rotoms mixed up, and instead of going after the mon that tried to tear his throat out the week before, he went for the tipsy one. Unfortunately, Hopper was lost, cruelly killed by Tsuna, before the Jolteon was paired off against Marlow. She wounded him greatly and came close to defeating him, but miscalculated his movements and was struck full force in the head by his Wild Charge. Her Everstone was knocked loose and she suffered heavily from internal bleeding and electrocution, tended to by a traumatized Xavier as Jayden took Tsuna out.

Long story short:
There was a lot of running, Hopper died, Tsuna basically put Marlow in a coma, Jayden killed Tsuna, Xavier is mortified and everyone needs group therapy.

Reconstruction Process
We've gotten even farther with the updating process. We still got some things to change, but we'll end it with a big bang!
Please, continue to critique us on things to improve, so the next group of members will have an even better time than the one before, and the one before that!


Hopeful Members?

Interested in Our Group?
You planning on joining our community here in PKMNCodeLyoko? Well, that's wonderful to hear! But first, you should look through our many journals that can guide you through making an awesome, super fantastical character of coolness!

Please look through our Welcome Journal and Rules for more information so you know what you're getting into.

Go to the Warrior Creation Guide for information about starting up your character. Also go to the Pokemon Master List to be sure that the Pokemon you intend to use isn't already taken. Keep in mind that NPCs that have NO knowledge of Lyoko aren't taken into consideration when this occurs.

If you have any questions, please head over to the FAQ to see if your question has already been answered beforehand. If it is a personal question, please send a note to the group or a mod you're comfortable with speaking to, stating your confusion or concerns.

You have any ideas for us? Something we can improve with? Please feel free to comment in our Suggestion Box for ideas. Critiques of our group are welcome in that area as well. We try our best to make this group a great, entertaining community.


The Moody Mods of Stuff!

*The Great Virus*

:iconshock1nglucario: shock1nglucario

*The Branching Data*

:iconpikaaly: PikaAly


*The Aiding Programmers*



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Feel free to affiliate with us. Said group doesn't have to relate to Pokemon or Code Lyoko, although it would be preferred.
To those of you who are members, I want to apologize in advance for what I'm about to say. Some of you have put a lot of time into your character's creation, but due to inactivity...well, I'm afraid this is the best decision. I've decided to close the group due to both my personal difficulty with keeping the group going and the lack of participation in the group. I'm sorry for doing this you guys, but I've made my deicision and I'm not sure what else to do, nor do I trust anyone else with this group. I recommend to keep your characters and give them a new home or keep RPing with the friends you made here with them. Don't let your work that you've done here go to waste. I still want to be in contact with all of you. Thank you for helping me and my friends make this a fun escape for all who participated and thank you for the good times. With that, I will see you guys around. May we meet in other parts of dA.
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NamuCiziru Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Would you guys like to affiliate with us over at :iconpkmn-dreamworld:?
BlitzkriegOmega Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2015
I will be on a one-year Hiatus. College preperation and College itself...yeah, I need all of my resources.

sorry ;w;
(1 Reply)
stargirl5286 Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oooooo, this group looks cool. Got a date for the next opening? I need to figure out if it's worth the four month wait.
(1 Reply)
BlitzkriegOmega Featured By Owner May 27, 2015
I'm considering leaving the group...I have college coming in a couple of months from now and I need to be completely invested in it once it begins.

plus, I'm barely part of the group in every fault of my own. I really should have been trying to contact you guys more often, but since I'm not part of the skype group anymore, it's...difficult.

though in the end, I do want to be a part of this group and...yanno...Do Things. so I'm rather torn about it. should I stay and try to be more active, or just leave and free up my space for someone else?
(2 Replies)
littlerain999 Featured By Owner May 6, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, It's amazing how I didn't find this sooner! I'll have to try and join sometime :D
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galaxypuppyelectric Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
This group look so awesome!! I will try to join ^^
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Zac757 Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2015
I'm giving out a little notice on two things:

1. I'm going to change my username in a couple of days.

2. It isn't 100% definite, but I plan to take a break from the internet if not limit the amount the time I'm on it as possible during the summer.

I do however have one idea I had in mind to do before then, which I'll discuss more in detail in the morning. It's half after midnight for me right now... 
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CatPurrCell Featured By Owner Edited Mar 22, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
May I get a critique from someone on the writing for my drawn app please?  I hope it's not to much trouble, it would be much appreciated~
CatPurrCell Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Exactly what does it mean by rp experience? Do you have to say how experienced you are at roleplaying? Or do you need proof that you have rp'd before and actually have roleplaying experience? 
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